Abdul Alhazred’s Necronomicon (Hardcover)


Unlock the Forbidden Secrets of the Ages!
A mesmerizing journey into the arcane, complete with original woodcuts. A must-read for fans of esoteric lore, this book faithfully captures the essence of the legendary tome.

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Unearth the Forbidden Secrets of the Ages with the Newly Translated Necronomicon!

Prepare to be spellbound by the most sought-after grimoire in history, now available in a stunning new English translation. The Necronomicon, a tome of forbidden knowledge and dark mysteries, has been whispered about in hushed tones by scholars and mystics for centuries. Now, you too can unlock the secrets that have shaped the course of arcane lore.

This edition is based on a rare 15th-century Black Letter print, discovered in a hidden chamber of an ancient German estate. The estate, steeped in legends of eerie energies and unexplained phenomena, held a treasure trove of relics, including this enigmatic masterpiece. This edition faithfully reproduces the mesmerizing woodcuts from the original print, each one a masterpiece of gothic artistry that transports you to a world of eerie landscapes and haunting visions.

The Necronomicon’s origins are shrouded in mystery, tracing back to the 8th century when the enigmatic Arab scholar Abdul Alhazred compiled a vast repository of esoteric wisdom. Over the centuries, the tome has been translated and retranslated, spreading its influence across cultures and time. This edition is based on the Latin translation by the renowned alchemist Olaus Wormius, which brought the work to the intellectual elite of the Christian West.

The content of the Necronomicon is organized into nine cryptic books, each a labyrinth of knowledge on topics ranging from ancient lore to autobiographical accounts by Abdul Alhazred, from forbidden alchemy to the occult practices, from secret astrology to crafting sigils and performing spells. The chapters within the nine books are a chaotic whirlwind of wisdom, reflecting the tumultuous nature of the original manuscript. One of the most enigmatic features of this edition is the inclusion of a chapter written entirely in the legendary script of Naacal. This ancient cuneiform script, a cipher of forgotten knowledge, remains a tantalizing puzzle for linguists and scholars.

For the first time since the legendary but now lost translation by the renowned occultist John Dee, the enigmatic and forbidden pages of the Necronomicon are once again accessible to the English-speaking world. Delve into the arcane mysteries that have eluded the grasp of generations, and immerse yourself in the knowledge that has shaped the course of esoteric history.

Note: Handle with care. The publisher is not responsible for any otherworldly phenomena that may occur upon reading.

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